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Luxurious Body butter


A rich, but not overly greasy, luscious blend for dry hands, elbows...anywhere! Scented with orange, green tea, or chamomile lavender, these exotic body butters smell heavenly! The star ingredient, kokum butter is known for being soothing, helping to refresh worn skin and improve skin elasticity. Isn't your body worth a little luxury?

Creamsicle Body Butter

Take yourself back to favourite childhood summer days and enjoy this creamsicle delight featuring Kokum Butter. Kokum Butter is rich in antioxidants, and has emollient properties that make it great for the skin. (3 oz)

Lavender Chamomile Body Butter

Lavender! Chamomile! Take me away! If you’re looking for a butter to “soothe the ails”, look no further than this gem. Containing lecithin and vitamin E, this formulation will hydrate and soften skin. This balancing scent is relaxing and inviting, just like the calm blue colour of this body butter itself. (3 oz)

Green Tea Body Butter

Who doesn’t love a relaxing cuppa green tea with a good book and a comfy couch. Blanket too please! Our Green Tea body butter provides the calming scent of green tea from an essential oil that we love; bergamot mint. This fresh oil can be used for stress relief and to calm muscle spasms. Our Green Tea Butter provides deep hydration and can enhance skin’s suppleness. (3 oz)