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Deodorant Toxin Free


Aluminum free, alcohol free and vegan! Unlike mineral or crystal deodorants, these products are free of the Toxic Ten! What more could you want in a natural deodorant? A neutral base of waxes & oils with the power of essential oils to keep odor causing bacteria in check, and minimize wetness.


Tips on using natural deodorant 

  • Give your body 4 weeks to adjust to a natural product
  • Let your pores adapt. Chemical film & skin cells that have gathered over the years may layer your underarm. Use a washcloth to gently rub away accumulations
  • Shower regularly. On hot days, you may need a second underarm scrub with soapy water, or reapply your deodorant
  • Sweating is good! Exercise, and other sweaty activities help your pores get rid of waste and function as intended
  • Sweat trapped in clothing can grow bacteria that contribute to odour. Wearing natural fibres allows perspiration to evaporate. 
    Antiperspirants contain ingredients that stop wetness by blocking pores. Aluminum is used most often. “Natural stones” are a form of aluminum. Bauxite is also aluminum. They often contain Toxic Ten ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals and phlalates, Pores may need time to open up and work naturally. Give your new deodorant at least a month. It may become increasingly effective over time.

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