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Sugar Scrub


Luxurious sugar scrub in a variety of scents!

Sugar'n'Honey sugar scrub features certified organic & fair trade natural cane sugar which gently exfoliates rough dry skin to reveal silky smooth skin underneath. Just one minute of rubbing this slurry of sugar, local honey, grapeseed oil & beeswax on hands, knees or elbows provides instant gratification! Scented to smell sweetly of honey using sweet orange, and vanilla essential oils.

You'll be taking longer showers with this Sugar'n'Shea scrub. Featuring the precious essential oils of ylang ylang, neroli, patchouli and sweet orange, this scrub will take your skin to a new level luxury!

Green tea sugar scrub is the best of all worlds! The polyphenols, catechins and antioxidants found in green tea go to work for your skin! Sixty seconds of scrubbing with this polish leaves skin silky smooth and hydrated. Instant gratification! Delicately scented of fresh green, minty tea!

Caution: may make tub or shower floor slippery.

Size 4 oz 

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